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A Winter Hat in Time for Summer

Good day everyone!

And my, it’s been a few since my last post. Fear not, I haven’t been sitting idle. As the picture below shows, I’ve been sitting in my pajamas, slowly morphing into the crazy cat lady in attire if not in spirit (I will always be a dog person at heart).

Knitting in a stereotypical fashion.

That is the beginning of the wurm hat from Ravelry, found here. I chose this pattern as my next project because it looked nice, seemed easy enough, and, best of all, was free! I had to use circular needles, another first for me, but that turned out to be easy enough. One of these days, I’ll give double pointed needles a shot. My circular needles were a touch too long, so I also had to use magic loop method as mentioned in the pattern. Worked like a charm.

Now through the power of the Internet, we’ll fast forward in time and unveil the finished project.

Modelling with the back of my head.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself. I used some cheapy acrylic yarn that I had lying around as I still don’t want to waste anything expensive on something I will probably screw up many times.  Which I did.  I was supposed to use sport weight yarn, but used worsted weight instead and sorta winged the adjustments. I know I’m probably learning bad habits, but it’s worked out for me so far! Let’s see how that future sweater turns out, eh?

Just because, this is how the hat looks on Riku.

The hat leaves a bad taste in her mouth.

If anyone has been wondering where I disappeared to, though I don’t think anyone has, my last few weeks have mostly been spent preparing to move, moving, cleaning, and unpacking. Moving is just one of those things that gets my temper flaring with all the myriad things that can and do go wrong. I had a few weeks off in order to do it and it’s a testament to the awfulness of moving when I’m glad to leave it behind and go back to work. And of course there’s nothing like being back at work to make me want to blog!

I’ve got a lot of things on the go now, but hopefully I’ll be able to fit in more knitting once the house has settled down into some semblance of order. Until next time, I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine. That sweater I plan to knit next should be completed by fall, I hope..but I’ll promise by next summer just to be on the safe side.



The Ubiquitous First Scarf

Time sure flies when you’re having fun, or have a million things to do and not enough hours in a day. Whichever.

So I finished my scarf, my first FO (I’m down with the knitting lingo,) which I’m guessing stands for finished object without actually googling it to know for sure. I’m fairly pleased with how it turned out considering how underwhelmed I was with the ugly green one. I guess the right yarn really does make all the difference.

May I present to you the chunky infinity garter stitch scarf.

Gypsy canine chic.

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Jumping Ship and Diving into Purls

As with all things, it’s hard to get motivated to finish a project you don’t care about. Since I quickly grew tired of working on my ugly green scarf, heretofore known as UGS (coincidentally the name of something else I consider to be quite ugly,) I instead decided to use it to practice the next few things that I should know as a knitter.

1. Starting a New Ball

I have loads of ugly green yarn left, but I gave it a snip, leaving a six-inch tail and started again with the newish yarn. Not so hard really. Now onto…

2. The Dreaded Purl

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Stitch, Stitch, and Repeat

I’m due up for a new post, though there isn’t much to report on my progress. I’ve definitely been making some, but of course it just looks like more of the same rows and stitches, i.e. not very interesting. I haven’t been working on it as much as I would like, what with work, and family, and general laziness, but overall I am satisfied with the improvements I’ve made.

Here’s my WIP scarf as modeled by the lovely Riku.

Like she’s looking into your soul.

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Ruminations on Fear

Somewhere along the way, I became a bit of a coward.

I know I was a sensitive child and an awkward teenager who thought and worried and felt too much, but growing into adulthood, so slowly I hardly realized it, I lost what little daring I had and closed myself off from a life that might prove painful. These past few years, I became static, unchanging, bogged down by doubt and ennui. I’ve been acting out the motions of a life while half-asleep, shutting people out, and guarding my ego . Then I woke up and realized that I didn’t like the fearful, shriveled husk that I had become.

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First Attempt at Knitting

Secondary Title: Bitching more than Stitching

I imagine it’s going to be that way for quite some time. I quickly learned that the key to knitting well isn’t the tools, or the yarn, or even talent. It’s consistency, and that means practice and lots of it. While I’m sure that I’ll be proud of my first completed scarf, I’m also equally certain that it will be too ugly to wear.

I’m working through Stitch ‘N Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook first, as it seems far more casual and newbie friendly. Even so, there were times I wanted to throw the book across the room when trying to decipher some of the strangely worded instructions and hand-drawn diagrams with everything balanced on my lap. See exhibit A.

Ex. A: The diagram that nearly drove the accused to bibliocide.

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Setting up Shop

Okay, I’m really doing this. Gettin ‘er done as they say (I’m slowly assimilating into the way of life of my quiet little mountain town after living in Toronto for most of my life). In the future, expect more burliness.

Week Two: Knitting mise en place, i.e. when on a kick, going out and buying everything under the sun pertaining to said kick before even attempting to start.

As always, the first thing I turn to is books. The two that will guide me on my quest to become a passable knitter are:

Stitch ‘N Bitch: The Knitter’s Handbook

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